Day Tours from Barcelona

Visiting Barcelona is an experience that people will often remember for the rest of their lives. While Barcelona is a modern and complex city with a rich culinary, artistic, and cultural heritage, there also remain plenty of things to do, both regarding exploring this rich historical culture as well as simply relishing in the modern offerings that the city has. There are many day tours from Barcelona that you can take that will make your trip particularly impressive and enjoyable.

Take a day tours from Barcelona that is Gaudi inspired. Gaudi was an architect who blended organic themes into his buildings. As such, his buildings do not have the utilitarian look that many other buildings have. On Gaudi inspired day tours from Barcelona you will be able to visit the Sagrada Familia, a church that is still being built to this day. Park Guell, which was also built by Gaudi, and Casa Batilo and Mila; which are private homes built by Gaudi which are available for indoor viewing.


The cuisine of Barcelona has the same name as the culture; Catalan, and some day tours from Barcelona have a culinary feel to them as they visit all of the local food spots. There are restaurants that Picasso spent time in when he was younger which you can still eat at, and there are many other compelling local food dishes beyond those that are known throughout Spain. Catalan food has an emphasis on seafood with its Mediterranean location, and dishes like Shrimp with Garlic sauce are well known and popular.

No list of day tours from Barcelona can be complete without mentioning Las Ramblas which is the main shopping district in the city. Walk along Las Ramblas and take in the sights and sounds and street performers. End up at Barcolonita, the small beach near the end of Las Ramblas and soak in that Mediterranean sun. That’s a day trip with a happy ending.