Breast Petals

Are breast petals a better option under my dress or top?
Breast petals are a great alternative to a strapless bra for many tops and dresses that have difficult straps and necklines. Some dresses and tops have a deep plunge in the front or are entirely backless making it hard to wear a strapless bra. Breast petals are a great way to cover up the nipple while still looking smooth. They offer an incredibly natural look while providing some coverage. They are also body color, making them an excellent option to wear under lighter colors like white, light pink, light blue, or beige.

Are breast petals comfortable to wear?
These quality covers 100% silicone gel are incredibly comfortable and easily worn. Because they are so smooth and made from silicone, the feel is lightweight and hardly noticeable and the look and feel of them mimics the natural feel of skin. Anyone who is concerned about allergies or irritation need not worry, because the high standard technology is approved by the strict rules of the FDA Organization. The silicone formulation is well tolerated by most people even for people with sensitive skin and they are just as comfortable over many hours as they are when they are first applied.

Are breast petals a good price for my dollar?
These petals are a very attractive price because they are even less than the cost of a strapless bra. They can be worn more than a hundred times which can last an entire 1/3 of the year. One set of petals can be worn to more than 100 events! Making it even better, there is amazing service online to make it very easy and pleasurable to shop for the petals. All questions and concerns can be answered about the product as well as queries about shipping and returns.