Donate to Israel

The holidays are the time that families reunite. Parents can pass on their values and traditions to their children, to see their faces light up in excitement. Unfortunately, many families throughout the world cannot enjoy the holiday cheer because they have other concerns. They do not have money for food or an outlet to celebrate their holiday. Children remember their holiday as just another day in which they are hungry, thirsty, cold, and there was nothing that their parents could do to help. This is particularly problematic in the great nation of Israel. Many think that it is important to donate to Israel.
Every Dollar Counts
People often hear about causes such as the call to donate to Israel and think that they just do not have enough to really make a difference. It would be nice to help somebody in need, but could an extra $20 or $5 or even $1 really help? The answer is that of course it could. When a large number of people donate just a little bit, real change could follow. Besides, even if you could help just one family, it seems like that would be worth it. Changing the world starts by helping individuals.
Help Holocaust Survivors
When you donate to Israel, you are helping people who have endured one of the great tragedies of the 20th century. When people in the west want to express that some action is evil, they will use Hitler as the example. To many of us, the name Hitler just means “evil.” But to the survivors of the Holocaust, it means far more than that. Seeing their families die in front of them and living in sheer terror is still with them today. When you donate to Israel, you are giving to these survivors.