Barcelona Tours

Traveling to Barcelona Spain is a trip that will be well remembered. Barcelona Tours brings the beauty of Barcelona to life as vacationers get a feel for the beauty and history that exists there. A tour of this city with its sights and sounds creates memories that will last a lifetime. The beauty of Barcelona is breathtaking.


Location and Travel

Barcelona Spain is located on the eastern Mediterranean coast. Barcelona Tours will show how this modern city takes travel seriously. It has an airport with three terminals, two bus terminals and two train stations. The airport is located eight miles from the city and taxi service is also conveniently available.


Attractions and Sights

Barcelona Tours will make vacationing in Barcelona an enjoyable adventure filled with the many art attractions, street performers, historic cathedrals, museums, restaurants serving authentic cuisine, and famous walkways where Gaudi once tread.


A Tour is Worth a Thousand Words

Barcelona Tours is the best way to enjoy all that the city has to offer. Partake of the many culinary delights found in the specialty of the Spanish and Catalan cuisine. Tour the countryside while enjoying the warm Mediterranean days. Visit the museums and see firsthand the early works of Picasso and where Gaudi spent his life.


When planning a vacation to Barcelona Spain, Barcelona Tours will ensure that the experience is one that will not be soon forgotten. The population is over one million people, with most speaking primarily Spanish and Catalan. If a vacationer does not speak the native language, not to worry as English is spoken by some and the restaurants have menus in English. Vacationing in Barcelona Spain is a golden opportunity to learn about the Spanish culture and to admire all this city has to offer.