Dead Sea Salt Products

The Dead Sea has long been famous around the world for the healing benefits of its mud, waters and low levels of solar radiation. As the benefits of Dead Sea salt products have become better known, the health benefits of these products have become known and are now sold throughout the world. People often use Dead Sea salt products in an attempt to retain or regain a youthful appearance and reduce the effects of painful medical conditions, such as arthritis.

Dead Sea Water

The Dead Sea, also known as the Salt Sea is a large salt lake located in a rift valley on the borders of Israel and Jordan. A natural rift zone, the Dead Sea is the lowest area of land in the world at a level of 1,401 feet below sea level; add to this the depth of the more than one thousand foot depth of the lake and the difficult composition of the lake can be explained. As the freshwater supplies of the lake were reduced the salt level rose, leading to a higher concentration of salt in the water and mud used in Dead Sea salt products.

Health Benefits

Dead Sea salt products can have a large amount of health benefits when the salt, which is rich in minerals and natural compounds, is dissolved in salt water. In most cases, this dissolved water with added Dead Sea salt products has numerous health benefits, including softer skin and reduced pain in the joints.


Those living on the Mediterranean coastline have known the benefits of Dead Sea salt products for thousands of years. These products have become so popular large health spas and treatment centers have grown up offering medical and beauty products featuring mud, salt and water from the Dead Sea.