Inexpensive Engagement Rings

How to Find Inexpensive Engagement Rings

Every girl would like to have a huge, expensive diamond engagement ring, but that is not always possible. Staying within a budget and getting an affordable ring is the prudent thing to do. Finding inexpensive engagement rings is not impossible with all the possibilities that are on the market today. Plenty of opportunities are out there that will not break the bank and still allow for very nice inexpensive engagement rings.

When to Buy

Take time to find the right ring. Many people go out on a whim to pick up a ring right away and that can create problems. It is best to take a few months, watch for sales on inexpensive engagement rings and make sure the ring is the perfect one. Watch out when shopping around holidays as some stores raise prices while others do have sales worth checking out.

Where to Buy

Compare prices between local jewelers and check prices online as well. Visit antique stores, pawnshops and estate sales to find inexpensive engagement rings. Just change the setting if it is not suitable.

Stone Alternatives

Look at moissanite, which is less than $1000 per carat, is colorless, and is very durable. Also, consider other colored gemstones besides diamonds. Sapphires, rubies, emeralds and other stones often are less expensive and make beautiful inexpensive engagement rings.


Take a look at different cuts and different settings that might make an inexpensive stone look bigger. Asscher cut diamonds have a large flat surface and look larger than they really are. Princess cut diamonds are the most popular and can be found for less money than an unusual cut. Finding inexpensive diamond rings should not be difficult as long as time and effort are put into the search. Take time, compare prices and look at different stones and cuts to find what is affordable yet beautiful and timeless.