Dead Sea Israel Products

Dead Sea Israel products have been believed to have healing properties for thousands of years. It is rumored that Cleopatra herself was obsessed with the anti-aging benefits of the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is saltier than any ocean, with a higher percentage of minerals per liter than any other water source on earth. Studies have shown that Dead Sea Israel products can help with a number of common maladies with no side effects.


Dead Sea Israel products such as a Dead Sea mineral mud can be extremely beneficial to those with arthritis. The high concentration of beneficial minerals and sedimentary clay can help reduce muscle tension and improve circulation, thereby reducing arthritic pain. Soaking in a bath with Dead Sea salt can also help the pain of arthritis.


Soap made with mineral mud is another of the deep sea products that has been shown to have therapeutic properties. Used daily, it can help those suffering with acne, as it balances the skin and deters acne from forming, without dryness or other side effects.

Aging of the Skin

In the battle against aging and wrinkles, Dead Sea Israel products can help in many ways. Gently exfoliating the skin with Dead Sea salts can help cell renewal and reveal new skin underneath the dryness. The therapeutic minerals can also help retain the much needed moisture that skin loses as it ages. Using Dead Sea Israel products on the skin every day can promote youthful skin with less wrinkles.

Hair Care

Hair can take a beating from styling and the environment. Dead sea Israel products can help to not only reduce the damage but improve you’re the texture of your hair when used regularly. Using a shampoo and conditioner made with Dead Sea salts along with a weekly sea salt mud mask can keep your hair soft and supple.