Dead Sea Face Products

People have been extolling the benefits of Dead Sea face products for thousands of years. Staying power like that brings mad bragging rights. Coupled with a celebrity spokes model like Cleopatra, it is clear why Dead Sea face products are a natural wonder.

The Dead Sea is a hyper-saline lake, meaning the saline levels surpass that of ocean water. Because of the Dead Sea’s high salinity, animals are not able to survive in its waters, thus the name. While maintaining life in this salty environment is virtually impossible, on its shores, life is thriving. Dead Sea salt is rich in vital minerals that our bodies produce naturally but we, unfortunately, lose as we tackle our hectic days. Dead Sea face products and body products help replenish what we are missing.

Good for Your Skin

Dead Sea face products stimulate cell production and natural rejuvenation of the skin. The salt of the Dead Sea contains at least 35 different minerals. The following is just a sampling of some of these minerals and what they do.

  • Potassium energizes the body and helps balance moisture in the skin.
  • Magnesium is a warrior against stress and slows skin aging.
  • Calcium plays a vital role in the skin’s cell renewal process.
  • Sodium regulates the fluid balance in the body.
  • Bromide is a key factor for muscle relaxation.

Good for You

While it did not take long for people to discover the benefits of Dead Sea face products, this natural wonder was first celebrated for its therapeutic properties. The healing waters of the Dead Sea are even mentioned in the Bible. The curative factors found in the mineral waters and mud have been used extensively for detoxification, arthritis, psoriasis, rheumatism and a host of other medical ailments.

Very few products today have the validation of a history of healing and revitalizing. Dead Sea face products offer the best in therapeutic and cosmetic benefits from the soothing waters of the Dead Sea. The collection of products caters to numerous target areas, as well as, various therapeutic needs.