Dead Sea Black Mud

Dead Sea Black Mud has remained one of the world’s best kept beauty and health secrets because of the difficult location of the lake. In recent years a large industry has grown in the countries of Jordan, Israel and Palestine that border the Hypersaline Lake, now the benefits of Dead Sea Black Mud can be found in prepackaged beauty products that can be used at home.


The Dead Sea is one of the lowest places in the world, with the surface of the 310 square mile lake lying 1,388 feet below sea level. Added to this is the 1,237 foot depth of the lake makes the Dead Sea Black Mud completely different from mud found in higher regions of the world. Along the shores of the lake many health resorts have opened to provide treatments for the many people looking for assistance with medical and skin conditions.


There are many benefits to be found with the use of Dead Sea Black Mud, many of which have been researched in the region before being passed on to users of the mud at home. With a different mineral and salt makeup than most mud products, Dead Sea Black Mud can help reduce the effects of skin and hair conditions around the body. Amongst those conditions a Dead Sea mud wrap can help are psoriasis and dry scalp or dandruff.


Skin blemishes can cause great problems in reduced confidence and self-esteem. Dead Sea Black Mud products have the ability to give the skin a brighter, glowing appearance over the dull appearance provided by other mud products. Skin blemishes and pimples are two of the major problems treated by the mud products, the mineral composition of Dead Sea mud also penetrates deeply into the skin and reduces the visible effects of cellulite.