Treated Diamond Ring

A diamond ring represents the pinnacle of jewelry purchases. Their rarity and their representation of love and pending matrimony make them some of the most coveted pieces of jewelry in the market. However, the diamond market can be so intimidating in terms of both the information available and the prices. For someone in the market for a diamond ring, a treated diamond ring can solve both the problem of trying to find a quality gem and trying to stay within a reasonable budget.

A treated diamond ring holds a diamond that has been put through a process to improve its clarity. The clarity is improved in two ways: removing what is obscuring the diamond and filling in spaces where the stone has fractured. To produce a treated diamond ring, the jeweler uses a laser to remove inclusions. A sealant is applied to smooth cracks and roughness. In some cases, high pressure and heat are used to create a different color or render the stone colorless. For some stones, radiation can be used to make a specific color. If the consumer is looking for a specific color in their jewelry then a treated diamond ring is an excellent solution. The result is a treated diamond ring that looks more valuable and brilliant than it would naturally. The good news for the consumer is that a treated diamond ring is significantly more affordable than a natural stone, but it appears higher quality than it would if not treated. Because many diamonds that would not find their way into jewelry in their natural state can now be made beautiful, there are more treated diamond rings on the market. Since they are easier to come by, the price is lower, but their beauty can be just as radiant as a natural stone.